Soundcheck & Discography - Compilations

Longplayer & 7"

Cover United Colors Of Ska Vol. 2 CD Compilation
United Colors Of Ska Vol. 2
(1995 / Pork Pie)

Mother's Pride
Minor Ska

also featuring The Ventilators, Dr. Ring-Ding & The Senior Allstars, Too Hot, Skaferlatine, Stubborn Allstars, Bluekilla, Spitfire, The Porkers and others

Cover Viva L'Anarchia CD Compilation
Viva L'Anarchia - 25 Jahre Keine Macht für Niemand. Eine Gratualation an Ton Steine Scherben
(1997 / Tollshock Rec.)

Mother's Pride
Shit Hit

also featuring Dödelhaie, Dritte Wahl, Fluchtweg, Germ Attack, N.O.E., Terrorgruppe and others

CD Compilation
From Punk To Ska - A German Skunk Compilation
(1997 / Wolverine Records)

Mother's Pride
Reality Sucks!

also featuring Rantanplan, No Respect, Frau Doktor, The Bullocks, Skaos, Terrorgruppe, Swoons, Lokalmatadore, Bradleys, Moskovskaya and others

CD Compilation
SKAnarchy III
(1997 / Elevator Music)

Mother's Pride
Pussy Problems

also featuring Against All Authority, The Javatones, The Readymen, Easy Big Fella, 3 Minute Hero, The Siren Six, The Slackers and others

Cover Deutschstunde Lektion I CD Compilation
Die Deutschstunde (Lektion 1)
(1999 / Pork Pie)

Mother's Pride
Blumen für die Dame, Schnaps für den Herrn

also featuring The Busters, The Butlers, Terrorgruppe, Rantanplan, BLuekilla, Court Jester's Crew, Blechreiz, Frau Doktor and others ...